How to edit a site made entirely in PHP/MSQL dbs.

I hired freelance guide for developing the following website.

I’d like to discover ways to make simple changes like adding palate items and touch-ups stuff on prominent page… I’m very knowledgeable about HTML/CSS/Joomla but was completely stumped by way of this. I exported the site to my test out server…. California Veterinary Specialists

How to make changes You’ll find 10+ dbs and I do not know what correlates along with what. Is there a n accessible program for managing all this information

Thanks a ton!

no. this will involve you appointing someone or anyone learning php along with mysql.
but it is a very nice web site.

Thanks… exactly how wold you highly recommend learning

And therefore are there any programs you may recommend for coping with MySQL/php scripts. Surely I shouldn’t need to manually edit through GoDaddy’s crappy software whenever.

well you might be in a pickle. you can learn creams free on the online. just start hunting for things. as you search you will find what you do not know and figure out what you need to know. or enroll in classes. just shopping for the books with out class is a reduced amount of effective then forums.

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