How to edit the actual picture in video?

I will show a video in my website as well as bought one from some of those sites selling video tutorials pictures etc… but I would prefer to make some sort of slight modification on the video picture itself… So I am not speaking about changing file style or size connected with video etc… below…. I want to edit the particular video picture a bit (such as including something new on the image or deleting some part of snapshot. )
1- Is this possible If and so how
2- If item 1 is just not possible (or even if it is possible please endeavor to answer this one particular anyway), then I seriously considered putting a picture together with the video using. The image I would like to add are going to be at a preset (not moving) a part of video, so it truly is okay. But, when try to feature the picture together with video playing, the particular picture always remains behind the video playing, so it’s not necessarily visible. I possibly made video z-index smaller than picture z-index. Hence, Can I complete a picture display together with a video using
Take note: My video file can be a quicktime. mov track.
Here’s my code in order to display the video:
< div style=" position: absolute; top: 1270px; quit: 250px; z-index: -2" >

< thing width=" 600" height=" 405"
classid=" clsid: 02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
codebase=" http: //www. apple mackintosh. com/qtactivex/qtplugin. cab" >
< param name=" src" value=" pictures/video1. mov" />
< param name=" controller" value=" false" />
< param name=" autoplay" value=" true" />
< param name=" loop" value=" true" />
<! — Program code For Older Surfers –>
< embed src=" pictures/video1. mov" width=" 420" height=" 360"
autoplay=" true"
loop=" true"
controller=" false"
pluginspage=" http: //www. apple mackintosh. com/quicktime/download/" >
< /embed>
< /object>
< /div>
and here is definitely my code that will display the image together with video file:
< img style=" position: absolute; top: 1270px; quit: 250px; z-index: 1" SRC=" pictures/cars/cars_small1. jpg" >

at the moment, the image continues hidden behind that playing video….

Should use only the audio on the video file Have actual access towards video, or could it be only a check out the video stashed on their computers

I have video file about my computer plus I uploaded it to my web site host’s server. And no, I want to display picture belonging to the video too. Although, I just want something inside the video to look differently. (as if you are modifying a photography and changing colours, adding/deleting certain figures, parts etc… when i. e. adding an extra door to a building picture, changing coloration of what a person is wearing and so forth… )

Then this has nothing related to web design. You’d need to edit it inside a video editing program.

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