How to guard against KeywordSpy ?

How to guard next to KeywordSpy

How to guard against KeywordSpy as well as like

I do not think the good news is way.Its a little analyst tool that you can do the identical.


Surely there must be a technique of at minimum letting that see less eg lacking everything within 1 a/c, splitting the item up etc

I see from the logs many people frequently utilizing it to research on my own domains..

Anyway, how really does keywordspy work inside 1st place

You ought to block its IP(s) along with referrer strings – that you can do that within.htaccess.Obviously nothing to quit them via changing the footprint (new IP, diverse referrer…)

I imagine they get nearly all of their information by scraping google search, not your internet site (they could get no data in relation to ads, ad placements, or this keywords of which trigger your ad from your site alone).They likely visit in order to snoop all-around to for many additional facts.

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