How to let the client add content to a site?

Good day,

I’m currently working away at a project pertaining to an estate realtor who wants to begin an online selection of properties.

The positioning will be easy, just a showcase gallery with pictures and text, so what will be the best way to line it up in order that he could add properties into the site on a regular basis

Thanks greatly,

Adam Dalton


This is certainly done using PHP and also MySQL.

It would be as simple while finding (or creating) a new script where some sort of logged-in person
may possibly add/edit/delete properties… or you might find an current script and
convert it.

Another thought is always to use a CMS method of script, like WordPress.

You didn’t post this from the PHP section on the forum, so Now i’m guessing you
have no idea PHP. You could use a freelancer programmer to complete the back-end
scripting to suit your needs. It wouldn’t cost greatly.

i have got a script i can share section of but it is within php no database required, it makes use of your existing files. if you the phone that is.

create an admin section to the site with what changes they need.. but you need to write code as it!!!!!

I could also suggest live journal here

Live journal (for commenting with articles),
MediaWiki (for allowing your client to edit the entire page),
and also Coppermine (For allowing for comments and including images)

All work efficiently with images and permitting user/client input.

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