How to link many images on one page.

Hello all,

Now i am building a stock portfolio site, and am experimenting with Dreamweaver MX 2004 in an attempt to get the final result I’m after.

While in the image I have got provided, you cane easily see that I have created a essential table. What I want in an attempt to do, is understand it so that when a user clicks at " previous" or even " next", they are taken through a collection of images shown however large cell. Are these claims possble

One half-hearted way of doing it (a way Relating to tried in this past) would try to be have loads connected with identical pages, with all the " next" plus " previous" as easy links to find the way between them, but I would like to avoid this, and just have the image in the top end cell change rather than the whole page reloading when.

If you do, could someone explain to my opinion how this is done, or direct me towards the relevant information. I’m not too hot on the terminology for such a design, and so have found it a little difficult to homework.

Can easily anyone help

Here i will discuss the image:

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If you don’t want to go to create a heap of separate pages/iframe HTML PAGE snippets, the only other option is always to use JavaScript. It’s quite simple.

Have you got any kind associated with structure coded up for your main cell I could truthfully write you a super easy script if Thought about an idea regarding how you’re establishing the image groupings.

A wide range of people use Lightbox:
http: //lokeshdhakar. com/projects/lightbox2/

Check out " imageset" demonstration.

http: //www. cssplay. co. uk/menu/ = very much CSS only photo galleries

http: //www. stunicholls. com/gallery/index. html = CSS having a little javascript.

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