How to make a mobile website

The best way would I start making a mobile website

Should I make a brand new website for mobile and get my normal site in it’s individual directory or do you recommend just generating another stylesheet for the mobile version

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You could convert your blog post into a reactive one. I been experimenting along with Twitter Bootstrap within the last couple of many months.

Personally I might go down the actual rout of Obtain Skeleton – http: //www. getskeleton. com/ You might only need to create 1 site design after which it it will auto scale into a mobile version. Its a really very cool bit of kit.

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Skeleton seems as if a style agnostic variant of Twitter Bootstrap. That might be an improved option if you only desire to rework an active layout.


Why not make a brand new website for cell phone version.

yeah, that basiclly what you are doing. You can creat another website as it. which isn’t what i might do.

You can even swap out the particular css when perspective but a moblie this really is something i would do plus there is that code which for whatever reason i can’t keep in mind the name of this will change the css depending on the size of the screen.

use designs which are mobile friendly, include a link for your full site service for non mobile devices, mobile website is best then a cell phone application.

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