How to make a page with frequent varying content

I’ll have a " product in the week" page in my website. Of course every week there will be a different product and the length of descriptions, paragrpahs, specialised data, number plus size of pics, videos will all vary obtain.

I’ll do this without difficulty in word or frontpage etc… and save it for htm file along with include it in wherever I’d prefer…

But I want these files to be stored in an organized manner. Also, depending on the type of product, I want just simply the title and description appearing on its precise product category page at the same time, as " modern product of the week using this category"… ALso I prefer these files to be searchable later. So, based on this specific it looks to me like I would put the data in any mysql database after which you can display with php in anywehre I need… ANd I find out enough php to do that… But our question is, only do that, then I couldn’t be as flexible as displaying everything in any format I want every week (as there is different product daily, things to possibly be display will fluctuate greatly from one particular file to another).

So how regarded as a approach this Basically do it in word or frontpage, it really is much easier for you to compose and showcase, but I must upload a independent htm file pay for. In this instance searchability and organizing by category looks tougher… If I practice it in php, then searchability and organization shall be much easier, but then I will n’t have as much freedom in displaying what I’d like how I want differently pay money for. Please advise….

is it possible elaborate on the extent of varied change inside content, how many and what different types of content. further the amount of do you allow per page.

the content is definitely simple text to be able to describe product, is often a few paragraphs regarding different aspects… tables to give technical data in most cases, display a few pictures and videos about the item. Since each product differs and each moment the depth of info I could get will are different, the content will certainly vary


use if to take care of potential sql files without error

utilize a form to distribute images and textarea regarding whatever

mkdir and create a new html doctor with ap header, send out both images along with new html to help same dir. then just designate the layout for text and images which has a single dynamic page for every link or seek.

we have created the same thing you are discussing but it will offer a generic layout for anyone links. just a matter of level.

in order to change the layout everytime try a randomly css include.

secure upload image by form i thought you want ftp. can you describe somewhat
also is the the general technique of doing pages together with changing content (changing wording, images, videos and so forth.. )

< enter name=’new_image’ id=’new_image’ type=’file’ />

will provide you with that bar that has the browse control key and file path field

many thanks. by this do you mean uploading image to mysql database via the form, instead of uploading the image towards the web directory by means of ftp
can also you put inside images to mysql database is this how

to do any on the above mentioned you simply must pick up a number of server side scripting words. we can most of help you as you go along but you’ll need to do some research to get started. i simply dont have what must be done to do a new hand hold school on php. but when you are stuck, this could be the place to question.

ok, absolutely no, i know some php but just asking where on earth do you load the impression with < enter name=’new_image’ id=’new_image’ type=’file’ />
After all, when you make use of this, where does the actual image go this can be my question….
(before i assumed you used to use this code the next php program, which apparently i used to be wrong. )

i use php copy set it in any folder then work with a dynamic script to be able to fill the page when using the images from the particular folder. you is going to use continue; to escape the".. " in addition to ". " so you dont get troublesome blips.

isn’t uploading your image via ftp into a dir is exactly the same why do you have php copy (I seen that function-which when i didnt know before- and failed to understand either) besides uploading the photo with ftp, is the fact that better also are you able to write a basic sample code chain of " php duplicate function" to upload a file into a dir
also what do you mean by the last sentence by means of saying annoying blips
i understand there is a great number of questions here.

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