How to mention sites that are no longer live?

Recently i completed a school course in web site design and I now take over a website which i created individually as well as a WordPress page that will my group designed. The teacher wants us to finish our portfolio and will select students to get an on campus position.

Before taking this series I designed websites for a church and a music group. Both sites tend to be down but POST still retain the first files. What would be the best ways to find credit for those sites Only were to spot thumbnail images on my portfolio, visitors would expect for vacations the actual web sites.

Install those web pages into different directories with your website and switch the names of
the actual church and songs group. Switch any artwork and/or photos which can be of them to
anything " stock" pix as well as generic. Make it known you created them as examples
for the portfolio to demonstrate your design and development skills. Let the teacher
(or whoever is actually visiting) to enter their email address to try your online styles.
They may receive the forms themselves to view how well they will work. That alone could
be the reason you installed them all on your own site (for doing work examples).

Generate your examples " interactive". Probably the two sites is capable of doing something together,
including one site displaying an Feed from the some other site Or 1 site recommending

if you would like to see them on-line, set them up like a sub-domain and this way it will be easy to add them and imply to them off.

desire this helps

I do subdomains just for this… Make sure that will put the appropriate software. txt file there to maintain search engines from indexing…

On one occasion I was working away at a project… After 23 days my subdomain project was participating higher in google search than the owners site… Although the dog owner saw it and realized the modern site was gonna rank higher than his old website… Still not a discussion you should have, nor are you interested people thinking the a live internet site…

Wouldn’t your teacher formerly seen your work factored in the course

Encouraged back!
He said inside the original post that this sites were produced before he went on the course.

Oh… I thought this said " while", possibly not " before". MY PARTNER AND I misread that. This bad.

In this case, I’d suggest some thing harder but that might protect you. Obtain a Windows laptop in addition to install IIS upon it. It doesn’t ought to be a good notebook… just one which can be turned into any temporary web equipment. Once you receive IIS working, install the web pages and bring your laptop into show your tutor how they job.

It is really harder, but a couple of things will/can come about:

1) Use of will find this sites online… until you happen to placed a router up and produce a DMZ for your laptop after which point a area or a powerful DNS subdomain in order to it (which you’re that’s doubtful going to do because that could be pretty mindless and pointless).

2) Your teacher can be impressed that you set up a server yourself, since that will demonstrates technical expertise.

IIS in it’s default configuration seriously isn’t especially difficult to setup, either. You just include it in like a Windows feature.

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