How to submit url to DMOZ

How you can submit link to DMOZ

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I here’s very confused the right way to add our url that will dmoz.The instructions on their site just gets into circles and isn’t going to have any solution to submit web address to them.

Any idea how to proceed to submit

Go for you to subdirectory that will describes your webblog best, and then click " propose url" link in the upper perfect corner.You should wait for approval subsequently.

Adding to that, it may perhaps take weeks to get approved or you might not get approved in any respect — that is DMOZ for yourself.If people resubmit the same domain beyond frustration, my understanding is the fact that it visits the incredibly back with the approval line just as before, so it happens to be in hard interest to help just wait around it out.

I’ve probably submitted regarding 10 domains to DMOZ.It’s unlikely that any have at any time been approved.Even however my submittals have been accurate with every way.I don’t bother uploading any urls any longer.Waste of commitment.

Does websites which might be listed throughout dmoz acquire value

Any fine link can gain value.

I need ideas of why more and more people have problems understanding this pagerank concept but it really basically doesn’t matter which DMOZ may be a PR 8 because your link isn’t showing for the homepage that is the page that’s a PR 6.The section my web log is posted on DMOZ such as is some sort of PR 4 and there’s 60+ other domaining internet websites on in which same page, so now there really isn’t loads of link charge flowing.I don’t believe DMOZ will be given extra credit any more, so in case you are on any PR 4 DMOZ site, it’s simply a free PR 4 link — not visiting complain owning gotten it for free but coughing up your $299/yr and find listed in the Yahoo list (funny this Google advocates this paid for link) could be easier.

Originally Posted through NightLinks Will websites which are listed inside dmoz obtain value

Formerly Posted simply by stub I have probably posted about 10 domains to be able to DMOZ.None have ever previously been sanctioned.Even although my submittals were being accurate throughout every method.I do not bother publishing any urls anymore.Waste of time and effort.You got it, same these.I’ve experimented with submitting excellent sites together with quality explanations in the most likely category – and with vain.Worst of most, I’ve perhaps browsed several sites that will they’ve publicized and they’re not actually ‘quality’ sites.

I’m sure so it comes as a result of the writers:if they’re feeling cranky they will delete your website.LOL.I go through that several editors even require a " tip" if you would like them in adding your website.


Here is really a URL that particular can use to increase URL one specific sub-directory:

Just browse for the sub listing where you need your site that they are added along with there you will notice a chek out add ones site’s WEBSITE.

I submitted many internet sites to Dmoz, and also have waited for years but unfortunately, no web site got okayed.

There are usually like 1000s of submission or over every day time, you can certainly image when just in case your site can get approved.

Dmoz gives a step-by-step process to undertake it..all you still have to complete is study and comply with those directions…That’s all

Dmoz have been down spanning a month, that’s simply a backup they really are running.Apart from approve everyone anyway, so do not waste your time and efforts.

DMOZ submissions are simply a lottery variety things Publish it and also forget the idea.If you might be lucky plus your lucky number is 7 and it’s also 7th involving July then you definately might obtain accepted.Otherwise no way

I have some internet sites accepted in buying it though It had been real headache to receive them accepted


Rules of submission around Dmoz isn’t different compared to other lookup directories.

You ought to select primary most suitable category and you must click in add your site link coming from menu club.

But approval time throughout Dmoz is weeks and approval seemingly depend on the site level of quality.If your web blog details whilst your site will be perfect then your website can outlined there.


I imagine I presented 25 links(different PR) from DMOZ in addition to none ended up being accepted(until found day) so I remove’it coming from my index list.

Anyone right here ever ‘lucky’ using success history submission that will DMOZ or maybe website thus famous therefore , the website automatic indexed by DMOZ with out submit

Not me personally unfortunately however to apply as a DMOZ manager, you must list THREE websites you choose to think have to belong in the directory, so some people would get by doing so.

Initially Posted by simply lighting_blue Everyone here at any time ‘lucky’ with success tale submission to help DMOZ or maybe website thus famous and so the website automatic listed in DMOZ without having submit

Just proceed through the suggestions specified simply by DMOZ and submit yuor web blog url.
Don’t await the acceptance process.In the vast majority of cases, apart from approve the sites.
However, usually there are some lucky kinds too.


Unfortunately DMOZ is now basically the corrupt rip-off.The only route to really acquire links approved is always to become a great editor along with approve your personal sites, which should be illegal however it isn’t.There is a many questionable as well as downright underhand actions by a number of the editors, mainly in specific niches.Doesn’t hurt provide, but do not hold your own breath waiting for approval.

I simply just noticed Cnet possesses 563 DMOZ item listings:Open Listing – Seek out Results
CNN has 2700+

Maybe we ought to

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