How to use these backlinks?

Easy methods to use these kinds of backlinks

Recently, i’ve registered any dropped space.And we found so it has 2 PR one-way links but these kind of links dont point towards main domain( nonetheless they point on the folder(

Is there any solution to force most of these backlinks that will point in order to main domain( rather than the folder(

I dont prefer to create any folder.


301 redirects via htaccess

Are they will pr3 or maybe higher backlinks

Otherwise dont take some time.

I’d work with an htaccess 301 redirect on the main domain for any folder.

Edit* MW…pretty quick in your age!

one is actually PR3 and also other is PR2

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Formerly Posted by way of Don I’d personally use a strong htaccess 301 redirect on the main domain for any folder.

Edit* MW…pretty quick in your age!


Actually Posted by means of frih one is PR3 and various is PR2
You could find more details about doing 301 redirects here:

And absolutely, you can easily contact the owner of site where the backlinks are usually placed:to alter them that will point on the new area.

Here is actually code in your.htaccess record:

Signal:redirect 301 /mysite This would redirect requests by way of in order to internet site.This is often a search serp friendly direct, so Search engines will matter those back-links.

Not seeking to hijack that thread, but We’ve got similar question and didn’t would like to make a different topic.

I simply just recently documented a space that fell awhile back again, but nonetheless has back links.These will be all pertaining to high greenback financial search phrases and you will discover even a lot of links coming from an.EDU.Many the links are using prime anchor text and they are pointing that will html files within the domain, for instance

I prefer to setup Blogger and develop similar different types, then route the requests to Merely use this 301 redirects, should this figure out properly in preserving this backlinks towards new directories

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