.HT Files – Tool To Make Templates Even Easier To Use, Sites More Maintainable

Hi, all, just an FYI about a new tool (Creative Commons licensed).

I’ve used HTML/CSS themes for sites for decades, and love these individuals, BUT have been frustrated on the redundant effort involved with setting up along with maintaining the websites. Changing the map-reading when it’s embedded throughout every page, or adding an advertising banner, so countless little changes necessitate editing every report. Not my pot of tea… so I wrote a tool to keep web site template themes as well as the content.

I’ve used this for decades now and like it. Saved me hundreds or else thousands of hours. (Not to refer to much easier overall than trying to merge custom rule with Drupal/etc. )

What exactly I do is usually use ". HT" information.. HT is your file type this combines the template at run moment, like a CMS might do, but which have no hooks inside that content pages. None of them. They’re 100% distinctive page content. It ‘s sort of like how a new. css file moves styles to one place — but this may it for that template’s HTML.

This particular link–

http: //tech-soft. com/ht

— details what Used to do and how one can do it also. It’s released beneath a Creative Commons permit. Hope folks come across it useful.

— Doctor. Andrew Burt.

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