HTML 5 – What is the big fuss all about

HTML PAGE 5 and CSS THREE OR MORE, the main features We can see are:

Trying to play video and sound –

Canvas tag –

Around edges for Divs –

Is there any other characteristics.

I just dont see the way HTML 5 is gonna eliminiate adobe flash for animation effects/websites. Despite the fact that I know it will require so long pertaining to flash sites to load as well as the factor that apple wont allow flash to be played on apple mackintosh devices.

Also anyone know are usually Adobe gonna integrate HTML 5 selectors, tags within Dreamweaver!

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Several people I am aware that have the most recent and greatest DW say you will find there’s plugin to increase all HTML5 which have been currently supported… ( about 60% of these )

It’s not about losing flash… Adobe lost the battle on their dream of FLASH DOMINACE several years ago, they are currently creating a new program which utilizes HTML5 on it’s core… likely full support to get HTML5 in DW is their next release

and a properly design flash site will load like another… it’s the ones which have been created using dirty logic and knowning that take forever for you to load…

HTML5 depends upon the next level of standards on the actual " display" levels… for years, designers were having to cobble things together within the name of " cross browser" compatibly, by using HTML 5, if while all browsers assist all tags ( uncertain, but hopeful ), HTML 5 could make it easier pertaining to " designers" to envision their designs utilizing a single set of standards… period.

Research Geolocation and Area Storage under HTML5. most people (including me) treasured XHTML because it appeared to be well structured (strict rules), which made sense if you ask me. HTML5 is moving in the opposite direction (very loose), which has it’s positives and negatives. Read this document 5 things I hate about HTML5

CSS3 offers animation now and throughout due time you won’t need to need to write javascript codes for simple animations, even now you can do this but it is not supported by IE9 and lower. As a long way as replacing Display goes, HTML5 is not even close. Adobe lost the battle on Flash due to pressure from Apple and other Flash Haters. What college kid have you any idea that can earn $100k per year by being an authority in HTML5. This has truly happened with Adobe flash and probably can easily still happen influenced by the skill stage, imagination and ability to create great online gaming system.

Adobe offers Edge now which usually incorporates HTML5, CSS3 in addition to Javascript. People use to complain regarding ugly and loud Flash sites, wait until that authoring tool will go full throttle Guarantee you can hear the exact same moan and groans.

Cool so its far better for cross web browser support, Looking forward to the new DW CODE 5 add ons.

I am gonna download Edge now. Yeah XHTML Demanding and CSS mean less html code and neater code generally speaking which is good for browser times. I will take a look at those links.

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