For the top 10 web pages approximately 40% of websites contain several Flash element this also percentage increases from the top 10 e-Commerce approximately 90% of websites.
Belonging to the top 10 sites no website is actually 100% Flash though 30% are 100% HTML DOCUMENT.

Flash is used as a good advertising tool in order to display videos. There are no interactive ingredient, menu, content direction, photo gallery, and so forth. using Flash.

Where thinking of getting those statistics from

Every single has its area.

List form is Alexa (Jan 2010)

Best 10 Sites Prime 10 eCommerce
Google ebay. com
Myspace amazon. com
Dailymotion walmart. com
Askjeeve! target. com
House windows Live netflix. com
Wikipedia motors. yahoo. com
Tumblr. com ikea. com
Baidu. com cartoonnetwork. com
‘microsoft’ Network(msn) newegg. com
Askjeeve Japan circuitcity. com

You may easily analize the websites for CODE & Flash articles.

I accept you:

Flash isn’t going to replace HTML nonetheless complements it on points where its needed for video clips, audio and animations.

That may be misleading, you need HTML as a way to display flash for a web page. Essentially because of this ALL websites consist of some type of HTML. Also, you will not often find shopping carts built-in Flash. Have you ever tried to acquire flash communicate having a database It’s not a whole lot of fun (though Concerning not tried it considering that release of Flex). Display was built regarding vector animation, and I don’t think that HTML will ever take that through. Vector animation with all the canvas in HTML5 does not produce the finest performance.

Flash Sites can sometimes have Problems while ppl are jogging certain Browsers.

Permanentely not really change them in Flash files fresh with javascript, consequently yes, Flash content might be converted to browser-friendly Html page, somehow.

Flash can hook up with a database. Them can’t directly connect, you need a server-side language like a data access stratum, but you need that with HTML in addition. I’ve done it more than once before (just some sort of hint, generate your productivity into XML in order to save yourself some headaches).

Flash is likewise for more compared to just pretty animations and video. It can offer some rich human relationships, especially well-suited intended for eLearning modules. There are numerous cases where We’d not recommend Adobe flash, but there are equally several where I could.

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