I Am Lost and Need Some Help Thanks

Ok so okay give you the run-down on what took place. I am a moderate web designer with medium competencies and ability plus learning more constantly. I was building a site for a friend with dreamweaver EIGHT, I know you will find better design programs but that was what I made use of. The site exercised well and I loaded with their host server. I made some changes towards the site and experimented with to update the internet version and in some way lost everything. Now an original site I had replaced is back in its place All my pages are long gone, my design is gone through the web, and MY PARTNER AND I can’t reload this. I have this saved copy in my PC while I save it into the remote host it says it can be loaded and saved but it surely is still that old site. I Do not know where it is via or why it is there and I’ve spent the past three days seeking to figure it away! I am going nuts! I need any help you guys can supply and hopefully I could fix it before they see it is far from right. Thanks ahead for any assistance…

Look along at the folder structure via FTP or no matter what. Or contact this hosting company and find out if they can see the location where the files went.


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In order for you, I will can start and look in your case.
You will PM me with your FTP login levels info.
Can’t promise I can restore your appropriate files, but I would see
where they passed viewing the web sites.

You should discover ways to use FTP utilizing a free FTP course like Filezilla.
Having a WYSIWYG editor, like Dreamweaver does things that you just sometimes
cannot see or fully grasp. Actually going directly into it using FTP is how you can do it.

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