I don’t believe in Directory Submission anymore….Page 2

Actually Posted by means of silveraden I don’t understand why you will be suddenly presenting such hate comment…What is actually happening on you

I think you need to check your own blood stress…I are speaking depending on my practical knowledge and or maybe and are ruining your reputation of directories then that’s your opinion and I won’t argue with this…no huge deal in my opinion…your view is you and my own is quarry and assaulting me directly is just not a fine sign with healthy brain.Congratulations , you are accusing me personally of the lack a healthy mind

I am endeavoring to give my opinion on ones statement.

You are make statement and We are giving my estimation.

You may not be taking that.

After My business is challenging everyone.You are generally giving another statement that i don’t possess a healthy head.LOL.Yes My business is insane Do you think you’re happy using that

Initially Posted by silveraden notice my edited submit above you need to…as MY SPOUSE AND I said, I sent in my site manually from around TEN to TWENTY submissions on a daily basis since November to all or any the sites listed during http://info.vilesilencer.com and also got just around 25 to 39 sellers…but all around 900 have been accepted…How could you get 25 to 39 listing when NINE HUNDRED were established

Do you may count the actual backlinks which can be shown with link:command Or can you even take time and test your search engines webmaster account

Quote:Yes I will be insane None of the business

LOL topic closed

Purely be mean to of personnel.

I am endeavoring to be welcoming and they’re not taking his miscalculation.

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