I don’t understand Google.

I hardly understand Google.

I’m guaranteed I’m not the only one who won’t understand every thing Google can.But possibly someone may also help me understand this.I started off developing fleasticks.com following having that parked for brand-new.More for experiment than everything else.I’m nevertheless learning related to development.So, If MY SPOUSE AND I type " fleasticks.com" in to Google, without the quotes, I do obtain a link to my site with page on the list of results.Good.But only type any quoted expression that appears as very very same search consequence into Yahoo and google, like " Prevent your pets free of fleas along with ticks", POST get zero results through my web page.

It’s since though Search engine doesn’t know very well what appears with it’s own data.Can everyone explain that

Well it really is awkward.I just checked you’ve got your website cached within google index.

Wait intended for somedays and then see what are the results.

Like Chip said:you’ll need to wait regarding sometime.it takes time intended for new internet sites to get ranking better in SERPs.Your site should improve the overall ranking in order that it to come on with SERPs for virtually every sentence taken in the site as well as searched throughout Google.

it is usually possible you search to your site label and no appear at page a single.Such point will reflect an exceptionally low entire ranking for that site.

and my question will be:did utilize the Google Analytics applications and Webmasters tools!

You have results in Google along with link " fleasticks.com/p=74", Is the fact that OK

Yeah from time to time google should crazy things

I consider wait 3-4 times….

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