i need a form like this

Anyone know how I can build a package/price calculator such as this
http: //www. alysonbeth. com/wed-pick/

I may be selling various products, and I really want the user to select different plans, and then add to the any items to it, which will them hand them over a price while they add on merchandise. It will have got to figure with 8% sales tax.

The example above is usually almost exactly how I would prefer it to be probably. The only thing I hate about that is that how you will need to click " evaluation my order" after which it takes you to definitely another page. I recently need it to be able to calculate on one page ideas, and I will not need a phone form on that either. I aren’t able to put. html at my host, it is an automatic internet site, so I will have to link to that. html file elsewhere on a free host or even something. I don’t actually know html and not really javascript, so if templates exist that would be great also!

Thanks for the guide, very much.

Without a website on your webhost, this are going to be tough.
What on earth is an " programmed site"

Show us what you curently have in place.

http: //www. solasstudios. com

I need some form of a form in which people can decide to put a checkmark in things and it will calculate the sum of price for all the things they fit a checkmark around. It doesn’t really need to contact me or even anything, or can any post characteristics, just tell them what the value is

People mentioned no Javascripting, but I do think it’s the only option you have left.
And maybe you cannot even use Javascripting Except if your webhost assistance allows
some form of scripting (Javascripting, PHP, ASP), I don’t think that you can do it.

I will put the page on a separate webhost along with link it, but I don’t learn how to code in javascript

You realize that on some other webhost, the user will probably be leaving your site
That will look like quite odd that will any site targeted visitor, they may imagine something " can be fishy".

You will need to use JavaScript just for this.

thats fine, how can i do it.

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