I Need A Search Feature

Im taking care of a site and want to implament a seek bar. Ive been searching, and all We can seem to get are services you register with, that do all the meet your needs.

I’d like a script or even something, that is all local in order to my server and also my site. May anyone suggest great options

Many thanks very much!

Searching for a website usually is linked to searching a databases, like MySQL.

Intended for searching through web sites of HTML, things become more difficult.
It becomes an authentic " processing" matter to open, search within, and retrieve " finds" from
many static web pages… which is why it’s actually not usually done.

Google carries a free " search my site" application you could put on your internet site,
nevertheless the results show ” up ” like Google’s natural results, not such as style of your blog.

Therefore, with all that… how many web sites, do you employ a database, and just what exactly would
be so crucial to warrant a seek out feature

There will be no more subsequently 10 pages.

The content will be dynamic, updated often. Its xhtml (im sure its similar thing) held together with css.

Relating to many databases, thats no issue.

Its important because the person im making the website for wants it

Thank you,


The search would in essence be a PHP script of which opens the MySQL
database and inquiries the database(s) to the target search concept or phrase.

How are you affected when the facts is found, as well as how it’s exhibited can be
done within any of your respective pages, or made to look like a person’s pages.

This is something that people cannot do devoid of actual access to your website.

There’s a section on this forum to engage a programmer.
They will view your specifications, your databases, and how things are set up.

how much don’t you think that would likely cost

You must post the " have to have help" on additional part of
the forum and possess the programmer(s) PM a person. You can create
an FTP sign in for them (separate from the own private FTP login).

You will need to extend a little trust in a programmer going in and look
at your files/PHP/MySQL in order to see how it can be set-up and precisely what your
descriptions are… what you happen to be requiring them to try and do. We (regular users)
with this forum (WDF) own high ethics and integrity, so you have to just let
someone look and see what it’ll take to give good results.

My hunch is lower than $200… but that’s a guess.
It’s not so much the actual scripting for the search, it’s what sort of search
finds is going to be displayed. How your web pages, CSS, XHTML, etc. is set-up
will determine the extent of just how much work it’ll be.

I’d recommend either trying the Google Adsense or trying a website called FreeFind. I actually like FreeFind since you can customize the look of the pages to own a similar design as your website. They do have a free account degree, but just including Google run sponsored advertisements. If you shell out to upgrade this FreeFind Search pub it only exhibits your results. I love it.

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