I need a webhost

about $5 monthly, atleast 500mb, free domain. any suggestions no hidden fees or anything..

something like this is awesome. thanks.

err…. I use internet. apt-hosting. net, in case you click " sign up now" you can select a special package thats $10 per year, though you find 1gig of sapce and 25gigs of bandwidth per year with no-setup rate. you don’t get yourself a free domain however you could register from godaddy or something for $8 per annum, so combined it would be around $1. 50 monthly.

www. dreahost. com is also really awesome. No worrying about area, subdomains, DB’s or anything else. It starts during about 7. 95 monthly with a free domain.

Shop around before you decide on a host. Bear in mind, when something can be too good to get true, it ordinarily is.

quick question what type of host a ‘m assumeing you are prepared to pay for the item but wat is the best price range

Are you searching for a PHP or even ASP host
Will you require a database when you need it such as SQL or perhaps MySQL
Can the package assistance multiple domains
Do they have a 24/7 phone service

They’re important questions before investing in a host.

I founda website that you may basicly enter the answers to the questions above and it also will show you a list of hosts based within the decisons above:

  • http: //www. findmyhosting. com/index. asp
  • http: //ca. categories. yahoo. com/group/liveing_sacrifice/databasemethod=reportRows& tbl=4 (lots o free hosts)
  • www. netfirms. com (good host i’ve heard)

hope this above helps

Furthermore, who is the particular website for If it’s on your own or a passion type site in that case the free ones maybe OK. If it’s to get a client make convinced the host is reliable. If We were a paying consumer I wouldn’t be too happy concerning the website I’d settled being on a ‘free’ webhost. Nothing in living is free ultimately, and that comprises of free webhosting!

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