I need help creating hyperlinks!!!

My organization is creating 8 webpages in photoshop i always will eventually make in to a PDF when every one of the pages are carried out. The final thing Relating to left to can is add buttons which can be hyperlinks. I concept of how to repeat this. Can I bring icons that appear like buttons and subsequently make them straight into hyperlinks in illustrator Will they remain place when WHEN I make the pages right into a PDF Is there a healthier way to do this

I recognize that I can easily slice an photograph and add the actual hyperlink, but to tell the truth I don’t find out exactly how to accomplish this part of the idea even. AND My organization is not sure if it’ll transfer into that PDF. Should I use a different program

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Photoshop has nothing related to links. You will have to add them to the PDF via Adove Acrobat ON THE LOOKOUT FOR Pro or some thing along those collections.

I have your entire CS4 Creative Suite- would some of these be good Just like InDesign or Dreamweaver for getting these links working or on earth do you think Adobe Acrobat is the best

Acrobat is designed for making PDFs thus yes, that’s the tool make use of.

Hello, you don’t develop PDF. You simply just create hyperlimk option type icon. Then that is easy for anyone.

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