I need some dreamweaver coding help please!

Hello there everyone,

I’ve tried to educate yourself to hand code as an alternative to using a WYSIWYG manager like dreamweaver. So I’ve typed up a tiny web site code in textedit, along with I copied along with pasted it directly into dreamweaver’s code area. I’m sure the actual coding is proper, it checked available on several diverse validators. But there’s nothing showing up within the design side, so that I can find what I’ve done. Is there anything I’m doing wrong
Thanks for help.

What are the results if you save it from a folder as something such as " index. html" after which you can you
attempt to open it applying IE or FireFox browser I’m not just a DW user, nevertheless maybe DW needs
something special (for itself) to examine it

Sure I’ll try in which, I haven’t tried using saving the archive yet, so Cover check that released. Thanks for the theory!

If you position the code in, it is best to see it with design view. Make sure the file features am html extension. DW does need getting some sort of web extension to work.

Just be certain your code is within the Body tab. When you type code showing text, it will appear. If you intend to call external form, like video, perhaps it will show blank.

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