i need some ideas plz with my site

hey i’m vladimir i need ideas on steps to make my new site vstafford. com but my business is stuck on precisely what templets i need to use and what i needs to have on it so if there are actually any site designers around or genral aid and ideas with it. i want to make this url amazing because it has the personal to my personal heart. if you get any ideas buttons videos or anything in any way please share them below and togather i will make an awsome site and everyone will be part of it.

Will be site about
Make sure you have a website that is definitely about something, not just best way to have a webpage.

thank you on your reply my site is really about my self, news that i find on the internet videos, sponsors, web log. my trips i always make etc just about me and precisely what i have in my brain with a site my challenge is i’d like to pick something that you just guys might want to see on an affiliate site. please be aware my business is not a rookie on site layout so sky may be the limits well up to i can complete.

give thanks to you
vstaffords. com

You should employ WordPress then… it will make it easier for yourself,
as the coding is previously done. You’ll simply need to find a no cost WP
theme (using Google) after which customize it by yourself.

I am sorry but the information you offered has nothing to do with the topic available I am grateful on your help but let me get my facts else where. please tell your internet site administrator to close up this thread at a time. please forgive me personally but i need a bit more talent and higher developer that might meet my degree of advancement. please don’t consider this message throughout any negative way but rise as a studying information and please read the entire messages of your clients before getting action. if you could have any questions i highly recommend you feel free that will email my company that owns vstafford. com the particular email is
supportdreamtechpc. com

vstafford. com



Okay, wait, here’s some advice i always believe answers all your questions:

Make use of a nice template.

Please feel free for getting the rest within your advice elsewhere from your " higher net designer" – although you’re at it, keep smoking whatever it is smoking.: -D

PS – As per your request, I may close this line (at " once Personally i think like it" that is definitely! )

LOL Krazy Ivan. An individual website one minute then a reliable company the subsequent… beeezarre…

As a minimum he was head over heels for my assist.
Personally i think so much better if you know.

… I’m still laughing so hard I will hardly type.

This definitely put a new smile on my personal face. I read his / her last post in addition to read ‘WTF’ quite as I was considering it lol

lol, Vladimir can be tempremental

That is definitely awesome – WHEN I thought he fully wanted some assistance there and msleim afforded a sound answer… I would under no circumstances have bet on vstafford. com ad that afterwards though! One of those things you want to print off and wear the fridge!

Talk about a split persona!

" You are my friend…. You are not my friend!…. my family go elsewhere"

It is a classic, Steve, don’t you dare delete this particular post!

Nicely, first of all, you have to mention that which website you would like to make whether it’s static or it’s dynamic if it is static then it is possible to visit http: //www. w3schools. com/ for this purpose and you also can easily make your internet site in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) but if you would like make a active and flashy website then you should learn some tools because of this purpose like photoshop and flash, so that you can embed the animation into yuor web blog… You can download some good tutorials of illustrator and flash, these tools are easy to learn, all you need is to focus on your target…

First confirm which kind of site you wish to made and what exactly are your imaginations or expectations about it. if your specifications are clear making site can be simpler


I request until this awesome thread be turned into a sticky!

I became reading his article and was generating a reply very much alike mlseims when MY SPOUSE AND I read his upcoming post…. and yes I went " WTF can be he smoking".

That of a crazy dude!

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