I need to quickly register a domain name

I had been thinking of < removed> because many of the others are used. Is. org specific in any way
That will I register a domain free of charge I googled that, but I don’t trust the vast majority of sites.

Free: No.
An individual register. org the same as. com and. online.


George — I use Netfirms, which can be now a Tucows website provider – I like the Tucows assurance, and the domains will not be expensive – $7. 99 US annually.

I’ve looked, and that. com belongs to a designer, and it is current – I don’t believe they’ll be presenting it up every time soon. Also, you don’t really want people finding another designer by mistake if they are trying to find you – typing directly into. com automatically rather than. org is the same thing. The potential client may likely not clue in to the fact that gdesign. com isn’t you and you’d probably lose business to help them.

When you can find a variant in the name that will take a. com off shoot, I think it could be a tad greater than. org – as I realize it,. org began being for nonprofits, and such, and. com has been for commercial work with. I looked, and since of 2 units ago, designsgd was accessible in. com,. net plus. org.

I myself use the. ca domain because my primary because I’m Canadian and most of my clients tend to be other Canadians. But regardless of the TLD is the chief, I usually also endeavor to pick up just about all three (. ca,. com, and. net) for my clients then redirect. In your case I would try for the actual. com and that. net – this can be a small investment along with I see inside my Analytics i get a fair little bit of traffic through this redirects.

I’ll still think of the domain appoint… designsgd is sorta difficult to remember, I think.
May i buy hosting after which it set it up with the domain without organise the domain first

georgedesign provides only the. com ingested…

georgedolidze. com doesn’t are most often taken…

Yeah, that’s one connected with my top possibilities, but it doesn’t add actual name in the site in the idea

georgedesign. com is again another wp site designer – the identical caveat for using another domain and quite possibly losing business..
How about dolidzedesign Way too hard . to remember You can make a evil cool logo out of the initials (was gonna say " this double D’s" but that may be an " adult" internet site… )

Yeah, the drawbacks on the foreign last name… No one can certainly pronounce it, minimum remember it.
I have already a logo, and it’s upon site xD
http: //georged. netne. net/index. php

Yeah – with my family we certainly have last names such as Glumicich and Panagotokas – that is part of the key reason why I married a man named Bell!

lol Possibly the easiest name to remember ever

I had been really looking for any guy named Cruz or Jones, however , you take what you discover. Gonna be 24 years next month, so I suppose it didn’t figure out too badly.

Back on topic – ok , i’ll know what you select about the sector. It’s a challenging question, but I would advise to think twice about taking a. net or. org the location where the. com is a web site designer (direct competition) without an interior creator, clothing designer, or something which will not compete along for business.

I think dolidzedesign. com should be good, because there are ‘design’ in it, and a component to the site’s identify. Also, all of these are open, and I could later register that. net and. org. Do you think that’s wise

ooh.. what about georgethedesigner. com is the fact too long

Uh, no.

Uh, o . k.
I had been asking because I have only experience with totally free hosting. Thanks pertaining to clarifying

I prefer dolidzedesigns : georgethedesigner sounds like you should be picking out spa baths, Italian fixtures and pricey yard sculptures for wealthy cougars in Beverly Slopes…

lol dolidzedesign it can be then.

Mare, I don’t often disagree on hand, but I have got to on this just one. Netfirms is a firm both from the actual support and billing viewpoint.

I had a client which was billed $39. 95 CAD for a good annual. ca renewal when the client rejected it, they locked the domain to prevent transfer (the area was unlocked at purpose). I was required to threaten them along with CIRA before many people unlocked the domain and i want to transfer it that will GoDaddy.

I’ve had one or two go-arounds with these kinds of idiots, too. This was the worst, but I’ve never had a positive experience.

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