i want to start a social networking site and need help regarding that.

i would like to build a web site with the reader of 5 lakh users in Few months.
as a social networking webpage comprises mainly associated with three costs
JUST ONE. software development and also customization.
TWO. advertisement and written content management.
3. maintainence (fire walls etc. ) along with content management.
would you give me the purchase price estimation for everyone of this

how much money i would be able to make in my personal social site through
JUST ONE. targeted advertisement
TWO. meat data selling
3. api access
might u give me the revenue evaluation

Go for you to www. ning. com.

Your questions can’t be answered without far more background information. Because it stands it appears like you’re doing homework for school / function.

You need to do a marketing plan with this. As you really need to check the unexplored option in social network as there are so many options.

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