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Hello there Guys,

Recently I have been trying to figure out what to do with my domain name gymtraining. net. I am talking about its a good website name but needs just a little TLC really as it to go big.

I am making plans for setting up some sort of Social Media site as it where members can certainly intereact with one an another and update his or her progress daily.

There exists a similiar site around: http: //seriouslifters. com/.

This question is, for this kind of site, what type of system should I use I am talking about I dont think buddypress would have the features with regard to inputting your diet/weight raising into there and then producing it for a graph of many sort

Many of any CMS methods or PHP scripts that could do this Or maybe are talking an entirely custom made script could well be needed


I think that you’re personally looking at a custom system but make use of something like good friend press or phpbb forums and may use the program code and change that slightly, but I think most effective for you easier to make a custom system because then you might have what you want.
Best of luck Adam.

Mid-section OpenFitAPI

http: //www. openfitapi. com/

I believe it is an open reference CMS and custom editing made to fit the requirements of it.

Thanks for that feedback and guide guys, going to obtain a little look into it and see what Allow me to do.

I can update this thread later only have any good results!

I suggest contemplating Drupal and Joomla. There exists a fantastic module for Joomla that is the community section sort thing. But it means learning a whole new language. Easy enough though if you need to know

I’m sure you social community do for raise your website traffic. Advertising and marketing is good idea for the website more popular and improve your website traffic.

I will be worried about creating a website that by now exist. As anyone mentioned, their is actually Serious Lifters. com along with I use Fitocracy. com. You need a hook to create your website special.

The difference stands out as the quality of considerations and members. as well as having both of these better will succeed.

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