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Hi everyone.
I have decided to test web design as a small company. The coding is not a problem but, have to admit My business is not so good at the artistic goods. just wondering if you guys could give me ideas for how my own site should look to ensure it attracts customers.

I don’t won’t to copy just what exactly you guys have done as that could be wrong. Just need slightly inspiration.

Gives thanks

Use Google to look for: Free CSS templates

A lot of inspiration.

If you are that the development/code portion is your strength, there is nothing at all wrong with partnering up with one place designer who could be the ‘ying to the yang’ (i. at the. excels at the theory, but not the actual code). You might be capable to throw each other work and really be more productive in case you are not struggling with elements you’re not proficient with.

I know lots of small businesses sense those arrangements reduce their business or maybe profitability, but truthfully, you may have the exact opposite.

A lot of food for believed; thanks for ones responses.

there are several web design blogging too with fantastic articles containing a set of inspirational webpage designs, logo models etc. also, look further than web designs to get inspiration. look on magazine layouts, graphical artworks and so on, all these stuff contain elements that you love and can easily nicely incorporate in to a beautiful website style

blogs may be more useful for yourself.

Look at websites like themeforest there are actually hundreds of great templates/themes on sale. Those a re the best starting place then customize after that.

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