Identical Websites.

Among the problems with implementing pre-made templates is the fact you have different sites using them. Well, I actually noticed two websites that utilize the same template. I tried to look for other websites to make use of the same format, but to no avail. The template is the greyzed theme.

Both the blogs that are usually identical are Nobody’s Puppet and also V2 Studio

So the length of time would it take to find multiple web sites that look the exact same Another interesting dilemma is, what are the odds of a couple competing blogs (within a similar niche of course) seeking identical

Google will quickly realize you a few thousand blogs making use of greyzed: https: //www. search engine. co. uk/#hl=en& gs_nf=1& cp=41& gs_id=6& xhr=t& q=" wp-content/themes/pub/greyzed/style. css" & pf=p& output=search& sclient=psy-ab& oq=" wp-content/themes/pub/greyzed/style. css" & aq=f& aqi=& aql=& gs_l=& pbx=1& bav=on. ONLY TWO, or. r_gc. r_pw. r_qf., cf. osb& fp=e045a2b0a4248e08& biw=1280& bih=614

I don’t be concerned about 2 girls wearing a similar dress. I worry about what is within the dress. Same by using blogs. Content counts over the theme.

MY SPOUSE AND I do. This isn’t a theme so ,, but a classic example We can think of is really a dental office which is about 10 seconds from me. Entry of their building shows a sign with a picture on the brunette with piercing gentle green eyes including a perfect row with white teeth grinning at me each time I drive simply by it. I identify that picture on just with regards to every dental internet site I ever discover. All that does can it be tells me that every dentist that employs the pic can be no different than any in the others, and therefore is not the dentist to do.

Yup… What he said…

Template sites and WordPress sites have grown to be the norm at this point… Sadly many business owners don’t know right until someone tells all of them… " hey, your blog looks like this one and this one and this also one… "

Most business owners don’t have time to try and do any checking on their " internet person"… And this is actually the result many obtain…

Game I do believe I know one you’re talking about…. On a billboard over among the bike paths WHEN I ride…

This reminds me of an older post concerning using pre-made web themes and themes. A clear 40cents per hour(don’t really realize, read it coming from Shovenose) moderator virtually had a titi-attack and continued the offense because he didn’t agree with getting original and building your work out of scratch.

The mods here get paid

Yep, we do I want in on in which.

Truth is Make don’t know. We were trying to always be condescending, which is not my style except if your design as well as source code seems as if chop liver and also your’e an a–hole.

Just to explain before a rumor gets beyond control, mods don’t get money… with the exception in the mods that actually own coursesmart through Adsense (but then… they own the positioning, so that’s why). Persons like AM, Moseley, Wired as well as I don’t.

EDIT: something considering. If we did get money, there are the ones from us who could devote a lot more hours than we may to WDF. I’m not criticizing thinking about not getting settled… I’m just directing out that dollars would buy period, quite literally.

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