IE Displaying page wrong please help

I’ve a simple HTML/CSS/Javascript web page that works wholly fine with most of other browsers with the exception of IE (Go number right). Well longer story short IE exhibits the homepage while all black.

For instance as if you place the website to simply have a background shade of black and nothing else. It only does this within the homepage and no of the some.

I could post the rule if needed however I haven’t had the opportunity to find what exactly is causing this to be able to happen and Relating to the feeling Now i am overlooking something very simple.

With thanks,

Perhaps when we knew what the URL had been, we might be able to see it way too

The code this was throwing IE off considering the bug has already been taken down and I put an older version up. I will put the web site up again for the day to enable you to guys see the item.

This URL is online world. sneedspeedshop. com

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Put this back on since " test. html" then we can head over to the URL for that offending page.
http: //www. sneedspeedshop. com/test. html

Alright I’ve put it ” up ” as that connection.

Any ideas so far I have the feeling it has something to do with the div’s and javascript slideshow. It worked regarding 2 days having IE and decided not to change anything then an individual called in wondering why our site was all ebony. Thats when I found out and quickly set up a working 1 obviously.

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PS – For this 0 degress will that include wind flow chill

Your problem are these claims line end of it of your CSS tags…

–! >
< /style>

it should be (no exclamation point)…

< /style>

You might be right worked wonderful.

Thanks a lot for your assist. I knew it had been some rookie blunder I made.

With thanks again,

Unfortionately internet marketing back. This time with IE *Once again losing problems with any other browsers* On selected computer monitor’s the item jumbles the slideshow and box on the right together. None on the computers at work understand this but one and my pcs at home do not see it sometimes. I checked it out on the friends and he or she does. If I need to put upwards the CSS I am going to.
In order to be 100% clear it is the home article again.
Thanks in advance for any assist,

If you mouse click on the resize tool on your browser (upper proper corner) -resizeX
then resize the cell phone browser window, you’ll see that vertical section move.
That’s reside have it placed " absolute" on internet land.

WE also see this kind of messed-up tag (in red):

<! — Secondary content area start off –>

<! — SIGN: Set any div’s school to " box" in order to encapsulate it within (you guessed it) the box –>

Not only missing the ending bracket ( > ), but the wrong tag property.

Should be:
< div style=" drift: right; " >

Not sure if that will remedy it, but the idea that it is very much positioned absolute (or relative) appears to be the problem.

There is a CSS style sheet file (" default. css" ), yet you have some CSS attributes
inside head section of one’s page. Not positive what those houses are for.

I’m not sure how you make your webpages, (by hand, or perhaps using Dreamweaver).
But in case you view your HTML CODE, PHP, etc. making use of Notepad++ (instead regarding Notepad), it will
let you highlight < /div> (or closing tags) then it will show you where the
cracking open tag is. The same idea for PHP in relation to (… )… brackets.

This becomes an incredible troubleshooting tool, because you could find missing (or extra)
label problems (like that missing > in the red line above). Furthermore find messed-up nested
loops when using PHP, missing parenthesis.

Here’s the free Notepad++ application:
http: //notepad-plus. sourceforge. net/uk/site. htm


Heya mlseim,

Yes I generate the code by hand and downloaded that Notebook++. I determined they had their display settings drastically wrong on their laptop which made the two things collapse but I used to be wondering if the item showed up alright with your screen

With thanks,

Here it can be with FireFox on a smaller browser (see affixed screenshot).
As I said, of which vertical box is usually " fixed" within the screen…
it moves dependant upon the size associated with browser.

You have location relative on that box which is not what you want. It’s too extensive to float it right the way it just drops affordable anyways. Where are you wanting it to proceed Cuz it ain’t gonna fit almost the gallery.

Boy the coding I think is wreaking destruction on things. There is a form tag covering your slideshow Tables, and an overuse connected with divs. I tried eliminating some what to get that pic to complete something but the item just isn’t happening personally. It wants to stay below the slideshow regardless of the. You need quite a few overhauling, the layout is simple plus the code is unnecessarily complicated. Sorry.

. box2 incorporates a negative left of 5em. if you remove that and the padding of 1. 5em you nonetheless dont have sufficient room. ad this to aero currently being right about a person’s code. i would say that congratulations , you have an thought of direction, trash what you have and start over. using the suitable tags. you might want to look at quite a few full screen sites besides that old education single column.

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