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I’m currently developing an online site for a Student Accommodation. It’s perfect upon all browsers aside from IE5 and it has to be perfect on IE5 for your customer cos jane is using the IE5 Web browser. I have seemed up on tips and hints and as far as I’m sure already and have been confirmed from exploring around, Stylesheets aren’t compatible with IE5 so what on earth should I will i am completely lost, please help me personally.


It’s hard enough addressing IE6-IE7, and IE5 is actually worse.

Merely were in your current shoes, I would simply ensure it is XHTML/CSS validated, designed
for FireFox and adjustments created for IE6 and preceding. I would not really care that she
is a customer in this article. She should not use IE5, and in the event you go through the
many hours to make that right, just with regard to her, who’s to express her computer isn’t going to die
and she then gets a different computer at IE7 or IE8

There comes your point where a web designer/developer has to be in charge of
particular things, and this is one of these people… even at this point of shedding a
purchaser. She won’t uncover anyone else to match her needs.

And so, stand firm for this one, and if you would like, don’t be afraid of showing her this
debate. I’m sure in which I’m not alone that feels that way…. others

Have got her follow the following discussion:
http: //www. webdesignforums. net/web_design_discussion_120/ie5_help_32264. html

Thank you on your reply. I know what you’re saying and I realize that myself but it’s really a difficult situation as soon as i’ve only starting handling the web pattern company and it really is my first website inside company so now i’m trying my best to exhibit that I is capable of doing this but it’s difficult concurrently trying to form it out along with IE5 and IE6

Are you currently sure that they aren’t messing with people… like a hazing kind of thing

If they are a website development company, they would know very well what I’m talking in relation to with IE5.
I think you’re on the wrong end of a prank.

I trust max. Stand your soil and explain that site designers do not style for IE5 at nowadays. IE6 is regarded the dinosaur currently and it’s along the way out. Some never even design pertaining to IE6 anymore.
Here’s what you express:

" After doing some research within the statistics of people using IE5, I’ve found that the particular percentage of users won’t justify designing a website for compatibility due to this browser. In the final the cost to style for IE5, and also more current surfers, will diminish the profitability of the web site somewhat. "

The same as that, you will will earn a little respect!

IE5 has been released in 1998/1999. Ten friggin issue. According to wikipedia it’s a 0. 04% market share at the moment.

To put that in viewpoint, Google was operating from a garage at that time.

Did you provide the web site images on polaroids

WE too would stand your ground.
IE6/7 is definitely acceptable, some people don’t like to upgrade.

I would make clear to her that there are many of standards in web page design and that IE5 just isn’t very compliant. I would even more explain that making it perfect for IE5 would certainly cost you much more time and efforts, and that near someone willing to keep aboard if thats the requirement.

You’ll be able to show her this
http: //www. w3schools. com/browsers/browsers_stats. asp

Discover how IE5 is not even on presently there for 2009, and how there’s no value for 2008 past a certain month. Show your girlfriend this discussion, show her that link, explain that w3 governs plus recommends standard practices for web page design and potentially they are an authority.

I might not design to get IE5, that’s like us calling the home heating guy and asking him to construct me a camping fire in my personal house.

It can be old technology, remove it.

Among other activities, let her know its a huge security flaw.


Your customer needs to get a new browser, or you might want to charge her extra because of this compatibility. Less compared to 0. 1% associated with people use IE5.

Designing for IE5 isn’t a reasonable expectation.

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