If I wish to make a site like Spriters-Resource*

*What will i need

When typing in address(es) deal with or addresses or both
you need to replace: with BUCK and please substitute % with.


To clear up any and most concern, concerns, various other, others:




Note I did not do this $ % when any intentions
to spam but I have to make sure that all links
can and is able to get shown to prove
what My business is talking about along with the videos are to
clear up any and most concern, concerns, various other, others; )

My name is actually Jason and My organization is from North United states of america (N. USA) and I are in N. USA and I became born in N. USA and I will be new here anyway (btw).

Truthfully, I can’t figure out what it usually you’re trying to be able to ask. Are you asking us building a site Are you currently asking us the way to point the domains to one another Are you asking us how you can add video I’m confused what the dilemma is here.


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