If you got a PR3 & higher domain

In the event you got the PR3 & higher domain

Hello people, What would you do with when you got the PR3 & higher websites that doesnt help make sense

if it’s just a good appoint then i’d come up with a website.

What is a URL….if it really is 3-4 letters, these are always excellent.You probably have acronym connected with some company out there.

If you possess something for instance beerandeggs.com and then just allow it expire.

its prolonged and doesnt pays to me got a higher pr though also indexed in odp.regarded as a develop it in certain way

any notion what the positioning was previously there has to be any way it is possible to creatively utilize the domain as well as force it to make sense lol

i think its modeling packages.and i obtained no awareness over it.

So its important that we develop it with regards to what category its listed at ODP cant concerning it then passed to yet another section i am sorry no ODP knowledge here….

For payday gain, create a decent web site and market links from this.

I can see many people today selling inadequate domains along with PR4+, they are parked, i don’t know how they get like PR

probably lowered and i’m sure they can loose their PR to get sometime if parked far too long..

Maybe i’ll sell llink trade.

If which particular sector falls underneath my area of interest, then I would build web site.Good content and a high PR site can give better gain.

I assume this PR will probably disapear once you will set some subject matter on site.I observed similar comportment when i buyed the parked PR3 sector…If the actual name is rather good, buy it in case your name is not really very exciting, don’t waste your time and effort…

Originally Posted by simply dotker their long and also doesnt pays to me got a higher pr though also indexed in odp.should when i develop it for some reason Can this area have another good backlinks

If you consider that the actual PR will there be because of some good backlinks, then that can be done some investigation about any type of pages from where the domain bought backlinks.You will observe what form of content ended up being there in that site before:then mid-section you create this domain about the Niche/Topic on which it originated in the past

if the idea have excellent name then i can build a good website in it, And my spouse and i Also aim to improve which Websites SERP Rating too, But if it really is just ANY name for instance ghgfdfg.com after that i would love to Sale this specific domain to a few one different who’s A NEW PR Geek,

It doesnt help make sense.We have high PR internet sites with fewer or zero traffic while 0 or less PR sites with huge traffic.

Initially Posted by simply dotker Hello there guys, What would you do with when you got the PR3 & higher websites that doesnt produce sense check out the organize and u could get idea abt the actual niche as well as u might proceed with that

You could make money using a PR3 list site.
Check out these guys:Fast Approval

PR3 domain names sell for any good value.i may just do that

Give me guidelines for steps to make a great pr from the sort time……

What is a URL….

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