i have seen a great deal of dogging iframes. opinions to just bare bad info. the scoop is definitely i use not one but two iframes on my website and this is from the comfort of my google blogger tools

Non-indexable content Websites We didn’t detect any issues with non-indexable content against your site.

top of these i had to work with php to obstruct pages from being opened beyond the main web site because google experienced them listed. oh yes prior to deciding to site this as being a problem, you can come up to have the content listed consequently those pages only chek out your main article. so you receive the i frames in addition to google gets the content as well as end user gets your primary page.

internet marketing just say’n


I do believe the dogging is usually with < frame>, not necessarily < iframe>.

< iframe> is very commonly used.

http: //www. scribd. com/doc/5485083/Website-Usability-With-the-Use-of-Frames

6 of plus a half a dozen with the other.

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