I’m a newbie in the design area

Heya guys!
I’m new on the forums, and layout. I know the way around Illustrator pretty well, but I just now recently started a web site, and got Dreamweaver.

Could anyone aid me out using things on easy methods to create basic things To date I’ve got this kind of: < DEAD CONNECTION REMOVED BY STAFF> (That Jenna internet page, it’s my experimenting web page, for my significant other: classic

And so yeah, I look forward to seeing you guys surrounding the forums!

With thanks.

Also P. S.
TARGET: kingoftheweirds2
Heavy steam: Scrappy Doo
Xfire: live4u123

Related removed because it can be dead. Email address removed to stop spam FYI, you’ll be able to enter in most of that IM info within your profile.

Also yeah, WELCOME.

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