I’m hooked…

I want to build websites such as this:

http: //www. 2advanced. com/

What programs must i need

I know the programs like Adobe CS3-4 and PhotoShop may be expensive so perhaps someone knows some less costly substitutes that is going to do the same career. Like what related to SumoPaint. com it’s free of charge. Can that take the place of PhotoShop, for instance Thanks.

A lot of Flash (Macromedia)… high priced.
Maybe you’ll find a cheaper clone

They also use lots of Javascripting (free).

… and a lot of time.
I’m guessing they spent a ton of time on this site.

I do think if you break it down, the particular 2advanced site the item not that complex. Once you have theme for the 1st page, you just rinse and repeat with the other pages by using different backgrounds plus slight adjustments…

A ton of flash programs everyone say

Man that thing could have taken lots of flash and a lot of time. Nice site.

I became cruising the internet and found some suggestions for this site, which incorporated OpenLaszlo, HaXe and also Swish.

But a massive amount things that you can do with flash may also be done with ajax.

Actually, I was looking at an interview last night considering the designer of 2advanced. com and he stated which the site only took two weeks to generate.

if you are interested, here will be the interview:

http: //www. flashdevils. com/interviews. phpid=129

He’s a Flash Demon… some people are proficient at Flash, some individuals, like me, may not be.

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