I’m in need of some phpBB help. I need to make an entire forum completely private.

Hi there! Wow, it’s been long, long time since I have been on here.

My forum happens to be running phpBB A FEW. 0. 4 using the subSilver2 theme as being the only theme being used. I recently resolved to make the full forum completely confidential. That is, I will not be allowing unapproved new members, and nothing should be visible unless someone is logged within.

For the present time, I disabled registration and powered down all permissions with regard to guests, but that isn’t enough for what I would like. I basically want a page in which says the name on the site and provides a login link unless the consumer is already logged around. I don’t really want the " who has logged in" box or everything to be visible unless the consumer is logged with successfully.

I do website development with PHP, so the means is no issue for me. I’m just not likely sure how to search about this. I’ve been using phpBB for the couple years now, but I’ve never really familiarized me with any on the code.

Thanks in advance for any guide and suggestions! I appreciate them.

A unique situation because you need the template in addition to files to
show the login page, so you cannot just block which out…

Ok , i’ll think about this for any bit… meanwhile another person might have a concept.

And you wish to go further than just having a private group that may only
view their part if they’re logged in You could have a private sections on the
forum that only specific people can easily see, but it doesn’t block the main forum.

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, I need a lot more than just a confidential section. Basically, I started a forum a few years ago, and many of my relatives joined along with a friend who I’m sure personally. We for no reason really got anyone to join which we didn’t recognize personally, so we thought to make the discussion board completely private so we needs real names but not worry about details we post. The only real people that will present any access in any way will be individuals I choose.

I’m fine with writing some custom value, but like MY PARTNER AND I said, I’m not too familiar with the actual value of phpBB, so I’m not quite sure what I should do.

With thanks!

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