i’m no artist

taking care of a blog website for local sodium water angler and have advisable of my format direction but needs some ideas, impression, or even sarcasm regarding my current images.

http: //saltyblogger. com

Well I believe the colors look solid! (that’s the sarcasm an individual asked for). Seeing as the best way it has to do with water, blue is often a good color to help incorporate. Try brighter blues. (or turquoise in the event it’s salt water)

I prefer the Salty Blogger font women and men " l " is so near to the " a" in the word Salty. Just what font is that

Sometimes really faint bg colors within your divs can established it off also.

I’d like to see more of a completed layout, that may help when introducing color and images.

lol. thx. post dont remember what font, something around gimp. ill continue checking back while i get additional done on the idea. i have a certain amount of a hard time frame getting any a higher standard accuracy with my own colors. i can picture the colour but just cant quite get it, more so using cool colors.

You won’t need to be an artist for being technically skilled using Photoshop / HTML CODE / CSS. It just takes practice and dedication. Start by copying some other people’s work.

i could be wrong but my html along with css aren’t without. but my images ability after over a year has not necessarily improved. i have always had difficulty with color. I am not comfortable along with copying anything, i would rather learn the best way improve on simple graphics. i have read plenty of tutorials on that but they usually give the how but not the why. in order that they teach how to recreate your handmade jewelry in the tutorial but with no why i never have been able for you to translate that into my very own abilities. ie.. simple fact vs concept.

HTML/CSS is often a presentation language. It’s important not only to understand to use the idea to present elements structurally, but in addition aesthetically. You don’t do plenty with images inside your CSS. That’s a huge thing to figure out how to do. Splicing background pictures into your HTML DOCUMENT with CSS is definitely " art" (forgive that language lol).

Splicing background: url();

Yes, like that… but look at a site including http: //www. iaqalert. biz/ How would you duplicate the results should you had the pictures already created Involves some serious CSS function!

oh http: //citicommons. com or maybe http: //howtonrealty. com (thats actual wood with a few gimp). but its simple color work i always lack in.

All those are simple horizontal repeats. Look at the boxes on the end of iaq… they have 3 layers of history images overlaid in addition to each other to attain an expandable common box. Things like in which get tricky. You’re confident in your ability to accomplish that type with splicing of background images, then you must focus on Illustrator.

and the realty web page has no MLS for the reason that client is to be able to lazy to sign up an account as it.

yeah we have played with some of that. what is at photoshop that can not be done in gimp. or any tips about getting those understated effects in color you have in the illustration.

Try performing some tuts upon design…

http: //net. tutsplus. com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-a-beautiful-website-from-scratch/

http: //www. grafpedia. com/tutorials/web-20-photoshop-layout-tutorial

the nav bar is pretty much what im referring to. the fade is quite subtle and gradual. also not a st8 #00ff00. i would have to copy the color hex and even then i wouldnt be able to get the same effect away from it.

That is the big step you may have to learn to look at as a custom made… STOP USING HEX RULES.

Don’t even Look at them. Open your color picker and pick colors in the " sweet spot" (see below) on your primary colors.

Work with soft-light gradients (black-to-white, 50% opacity) to receive the subtle " Web 2. 0" shading considering.

Use layer side effects (see button stages below) to obtain web 2. 0 look and feel.

I made a little less complex expandable boxes on my site that could help get everyone started. All you will need is a leading, middle and base images. I’m sure you can make a decent searching box, then you chop from the top and base and middle, conserve them as individual files, and utilize them as bg photographs.

You should use these boxes as an alternative to the 1px wide divs you earn for borders, and they also will really embark your site.

If you want some code or a short tut on easy way, let myself know. Smosely’s example is quite similar, it’s just this content inside her boxes has a little more stuff in all of them.

More on some Web 2. 0 effects… here I’m creating a drop shadow and reflection for your button so it seems as if it’s floating, adding a gradient towards background to bring depth, and adding the outer glow towards original button for making it stand out rather from the BG – like it’s a light in it that causes it to be glow.

I also fastened the PSD for a zip that you should download and inspect to view what I’m accomplishing here.

yeah aero i would love any help for this. i will participate in with everything encouraged.

thx to both for any help.

Steve described a subtle major point, which will be opacity. When you start playing around along with opacity and levels, then you just might discover a whole new world.

Here’s an awesome exercise for people.

1) Pull a box, any color, fairly big
2) Pull a circle, a similar color, fairly big
3) Repeat step 2 another 3 occasions, so you have about 5 clleular layers altogether
4) This specific part is major, set each circle to obtain a different opacity, from 5 to 95
5) Move this circles around and watch what the results are to the colorings underneath, 3 and also 4 layers deep

The beauty within this is that all these different colors may match, almost grant you a palette.

Also, try changing the colour of some of those circles and see how are you affected. It’s all regarding experimenting.

Then try some gradients having opacity. I think this kind of exercise can retain you busy for quite a while.

Then also you can write the hex values down within the ones you just like.

Gotta select now, tonight I will whip something ” up “.

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