I’m wondering what program I used

I recently had to do a brand install on our machine and manage to have missed several programs.

One who I thought was pretty awesome made the dangling letters close to my logo Jackie’s Put; An American Club. See where it says Many new Karaoke Happy Hour Prices and the cool clouds floating in the background

I’m thinking it’s a PHP but I’m definately not a web design guru like anyone guys and MY PARTNER AND I can’t remember the name of the application that MY SPOUSE AND I made that using.

Will anyone have any kind of ideas I dearly loved that program!

Many thanks


how about using flash with this

Right push it, and you’ll see it turned out done with Thumb.

hi, This is doing by " Swish". It is just a flash plugin to get " Electric Rain"

I knew it was Flash, but it turned out a program which created flash products. It’s called

I am going to check out that will swish program though also. I was obviously wrong in regards to the php thing, it really is swf.

Thank you everyone!


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