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Greetings all.

We are designing the layout for a piece of text with images. Online resources the site wants images that go right across the page between the paragraphs. They say it is in order to tell a story with all the images. I am not only a usability expert, but my predatory instincts tell me that i should not breakup the flow with the text with rows associated with images. I was wondering if it’s bad design to breakup the text using images or definitely not. To give you a more rewarding idea, of what We are talking about, Relating to prepared images of what the several design ideas are.

The file " images all the way up across page. jpg" displays a style of what the clientele prefers.
The file " pictures right align. jpg" displays a typical format with the images right aligned. We were thinking about having a slideshow in the place of one image that this user could scroll through.

Is using images all the way up across the page breaking a web site design standard I would like to make this page beautiful without having compromising its usability.

Any opinions you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

I don’t see an issue with it. Generally, a reader solely examines an enclosed image before and also after reading the adjacent text, and in a logical break (i. e. paragraph end).

In the event the images flowing throughout the page are properly outlined with the published material, and images are placed at first or conclusion of any related thought or topic, then it could be fine IMO.

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