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Heya guys,

I’m looking to create a new site and to the main page I am wanting to produce a section on the home page where it has an automatically rotating/cycling photo changer. For case in point, there will end up being about 5 shots, say 800px by way of 150px, that will cycle through every 2-4 seconds. I was questioning what method would be best as a way to achieve this, have to it be adobe flash, javascript or certainly php

I know there are many budget and definitely not very nice visually options around but I am wanting a good, clean, professional wanting option.

I’ve never done this specific before so could explanations be as nice detailed as likely, thanks!


I’m a supporter of Flash in relation to cycling through shots. It’s the easiest and looks the top. You could also do a fall show movie or perhaps a gif… but Flash will give the best quality results I believe.

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