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I’m designing an affiliate site using Photoshop along with SiteGrinder. It’s for by myself company. I figure by working this way, I will get the venture done, and know from what SG builds. Anyway, I just added in an image for the live site, fine-tuned it’s position, and so on., but the picture’s brand, daves-limo, is in tiny black print around the picture. Not popping-up, simply there. How did I do that, and how must i change it
As well, I was reading the directory " don’ts" ahead of I posted. My own site’s background is definitely black. If WHEN I shouldn’t use bright text on ebony, what would everyone suggest Uniform bright text boxes to hold black text I will try it and see what it seems like.
Gives thanks.

How about implementing PHP GD to actually put text directly for the photo… as
section of the image by itself (like a watermark) Present us a link to your site, together with the
photo it is in place and I’ll explain to you an example.

I’m sorry. I think WE phrased my question wrong. I’m new to the forum and also new to doing any website design. The words ‘daves-limo’ are on the internet image. I really don’t want them now there, and don’t realize what’s making these folks appear there. Put simply, the words are certainly not on the image inside image file, but they are for the picture on the site.

Not sure what you mean
If your image does not make an appearance, and you just see text it is normal. Theres a challenge with your photo path, or slow browser loads and your browser is exhibiting alt-text.

Open the impression up in photoshop or the like, if the text there has to be in any layer, delete it.

It might also be a background-image using a div or your img element.
Examine your css.

It could likewise be an definitely positioned div/element together with images.

These are the only real things that one thinks of.


You will have to show us the url to your site.
We’re not able to troubleshoot this without seeing your web blog.

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