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I am recently developing a niche site for my usually, and i’m wanting to post multiple images/a gallery connected with my work. To the front page I have four photos CERTAINLY NOT in gallery formatting, which leads for you to my first dilemma: how to WHEN I get photos with my site I’ve uploaded them to help my server(Freehostia), but am having trouble how to find the part of the location to set up my < img src/> div. The positioning looks strange, something like this: " https: //cp. freehostia. com/members/filemanager2/viewbigimage. phppath=L3d3dy9NWSBHQUxMRVJZL0hPTEdBLw==& img_name=RnJpZW5kc19ieV9rRWF0MG4uanBn"
Is this just what I need to set up my < img src/> div Is there alternative ways in order to doing this

Right now for my subsequent question. I’m looking for some type of image viewer/ways for you to display my gallery upon my website. I’ve looked into simpleviewer, but acquired trouble installing the item. I’ve also talked about just putting the particular images in there with a plain < img src/> div and then adding navigation buttons into a new page(looking similar to the last, of course) but which has a different picture. I would also like the image viewer to own " categories" where I’ll categorize my content into different subject areas.

Thanks for all your help,

I prefer to use LightBox to get galleries (a private preference):
http: //www. lokeshdhakar. com/projects/lightbox2/

Once you uploaded your shots, do you know which directory
they went into Are you using an FTP program (like FileZilla) to be able to upload files

Howdy Guys, I am vinny and my business is doing B-Tech(3rd year) throughout Information Technology. I have Became a member of this Forum for know an increasing number of informative information through all of the guys who are connected with this forum and my business is also want to share my experience and knowledge with all the current guys.

here is my suggestion, I hope it makes sense.
ONE PARTICULAR. make a page for your gallery
A COUPLE OF. make an standard CSS for all images on this page. there you’ll design what ever you want on your pics.
SEVERAL. correct your hyperlinks. it might end up being broken.
if your dealing with joomla my links will let you.
all the best!

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