Images versus site speed.

We have a question regarding images and site speed. What I am wondering about are these claims. Would it be better to stay my web site images of their " images" folder and chek out them from the root of my sector. Or, would it be better/faster only store them on a seperate hosting provider and chek out them there. Any input is prized.

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More quickly to host these people yourself and employ Relative Path.

Case in point, store all of one’s images in the directory called " images".

Complete Path:
< img src=" http: //www. mysite. com/images/mylogo. gif" />

Comparable Path:
< img src=" images/mylogo. gif" />

Why would you think they would fill faster Unless ones running your server as part of your basement putting your images in the remote location is not advisable. You’d be adding another point connected with failure. If the remote computer repair server is offline you could have no images plus your website is crippled. Keep with the local /images folder on your server.

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