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Hello All,
Earliest post, Just a quick question I’ve started learning flash and have created a pretty basic flash track however I thought before I begin spending lots and much time learning adobe flash, I should need to learn how to put it on the web page, which a long way I have found quite hard.

FYI My organization is using flash CS4 and frontpage(I know it’s quite sad)

thanks ahead

Well, there are a ton of alternatives.

SWFObject 2. 0

< object> < embed> tags

The best way right now is that you can go into EXPENSIVE software

Archive -> Publish WHEN -> Select CODE -> and then return File -> Publish

I don’t have CS4 right in this article, but that is the general idea.


It is a decent idea to scan the flash into a webpage because it really is seen that most people’s likes to view a video as an alternative to going through an entire text of the website but remember as SEO standpoint that the look for crawler crawl exclusively the text, although the Google crawler is actually crawling the expensive animation too even so the other search engines aren’t doing this occupation yet, so it’s good to provide the blend of the text along with the animation in this website…

We’ve the same trouble. i have just simply started learning display aswell and am from the midst of making a navbar and a number of advertisment graphics however when i put them about my site i get only a blank bright box (which relating to learnt is just because i dont include flash player set up on my computer). Anyway as that guy above has stated it is a much better idea to import this file into your html, what program thinking of using for your own html

Dreamweaver makes doing your whole web work quite simple, especially importing display elements. go to be able to adobe and get the free demo!

i have a serial that can turn a trial into a permanent program on your desktop if you want to buy

they have different scripts an example may be an swf item to embed the flash in the event the user doesn’t have got flash it’ll upgrade it w/ a good image and text also it’s W3c compliant and so it’s using good code.

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