In Major need of help

Soooo i thought i became doing pretty nicely till now
let me give you guys some insight on the im doing and how managed to get into

i woke upward one morning before after ending a job on the net doing an web radio show, when i told myself, i wanna produce a website, and host by myself radio show. and i did, in a week i hade the full fledge website having games and chat along with a live broadcast along with my voice coming thru, it was hosted on the internet and then managed to get bored, i acquire bored easily in addition to thats what internet marketing worried is happening now

so from then on i got bored and chose to think of a new project, in the meentime i play several text based cell phone browser games, and that hit me, when i wanna build just one, but i wanna develop THE text centered browser game
my idea is to build a myspace and facebook with ideas with the major ones implemented while keeping simplicity what makes my Myspace or facebook unique, and aside from that, adding within the ideas from modern text based cell phone browser games ie statistics like strength along with defense, being in a position to train those and attacking other folks signed up.

wich delivers me to this question, and my personal stump.

WHEN I dont know $%! CAPITAL T about php, i started in addition to i thought post knew what i needed to know but we were wrong, ive been thru The entire php beginner courses in google and possess realy learned a lot, but i dont know hto to utilize what ive acquired……….. so heres my personal question,

Is there anyone to choose from thats willing to teach im not trying to find someone to get this done for me, but i need directioin and i fear i might become overwhelmed in addition to bored, i can’t stand that. i have a mentor, or someone i will refer to, or just someone to assist me work out the way to do the things i want to do, i dont have much to present, but ill give what i will, and when the particular sites up and donations are built (there will be a section with features included with donors) i could split everything along with whoever is type enough to take some time to help me. i need a strong experianced developer, or it could be a team, idk realy im just stuck and also since i dont have the nessacary education just for this i dont know what direction to go or more importantly How to do the things i want done.

so far, ive….. well maybe lol, masterd html document, css is nevertheless a mystery for you to me
i learn how to use mysql listings and phpmyadmin.
ive built up the login page from the premade script, i wanted to undertake it from the start but as when i said i didnt learn how to use what ive mastered, and the course leave me using more questions than answers.

hence heres what ive got
Sign in page
signup page
associates page
and another subdomain with a freinds service (thats were being the forums tend to be located)
and what i need or at least what i planned to undertake next
include in user display pics and photo gallery for users
include in user status
freinds databases and an just about all users list
after which the gameing factor the stats, health and wellbeing, energy, strngth, acceleration, defense, items, assaulting, currency……….. much much more

Please if anyone on the market is willing to assist me i realy believe the ideas concerning will become something great if i could just obtain passed this stump with not knowing tips on how to use the things i realize.

my own email is adoran30yahoo. com please experience free to mail or IM us anytime im normally online within the mornings and late during the night time (around 11pm inside new mexico u. s)

Thnx throughout advance

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