Increasingly popular term "climategate" has Google Search results cut by 2/3 in month

Increasingly popular time period " climategate" has Google Serp’s cut by way of 2/3 throughout month

I private the website i purchased the item roughly per month ago, there were 10, 000, 000 serp’s.About weekly ago, there were about 5 VARIOUS, 000, 000.Right now, there are generally about THREE, 600, 000.

In the final month, climategate provides exploded and I believe millions regarding new websites were written for the subject.I’d like to realize:

1) Just how could generally there be the 7, 000, 000 (2/3) NET decrease of pages from the last month

2) Can there be a web-site somewhere this shows the history of each one day’s/week’s search results number for your term (wish Pondered written the idea down).

Also of interest, my website, which undoubtedly has regarding 160 content, went for you to result #39 recently.Then, a piece of writing got Dugg very last night which often brought 12, 000 website visitors and previously over THREE, 000 right now.Before that will, average everyday was about 1, 000 :2, 000 in addition to growing.Once it bought Dugg, my Yahoo and google ranking for any term went to #143.Right now, coincidentally, my internet site went straight down for NINETY minutes once the Digg gone popular (didn’t own cache set up right in that case, do now)–could that have something to do with the down-ranking

I don’t wish to get just about all conspiratorial, but Google continues to be known to be able to back liberal agendas, and includes Al Gore on a few of it’s web sites.That’s a new stretch, nonetheless I’m simply throwing the idea out.I’m hoping for any technical cause of this….


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