Inserting a SWF (Flash) file w/o it being blocked in users browser

I’ve a simple little interactive flash record (game of sorts) that I’ve put into it’s own website selectable from one of my sub-menus.
The issue I’m having with by using flash file, at the very least with my personal browser (IE7) along with it’s standard reliability settings, is that when i access that connection to the webpage using the flash file, I have the yellow bar dropping down in the top of the browser (" IE provides restricted this internet site from running pieces of software or active BACK BUTTON controls – press her for options" ) Then Need to right click in that yellow club, select allow articles, then answer of course in pop-up in which again warms me about " this content. "
This content is correctly safe, which I would be willing to certify (if that may be something I can certainly do). I wish this content to get displayed to the users, without them requiring you to jump through hoops to get to it OR be nervous concerning the nature or safety on the content.
Any work-arounds in this I don’t recall requiring you to perform this purpose on other websites that are displaying flash articles, I just discover the flash subject matter.
Can this be fixed
With thanks,

are you currently testing this in your area, or from a person’s host server
because local files can get that reaction from IE every period… if that’s so just upload it in to a testing folder with your server and have a shot at it there — betcha that can fix it.

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