Instructional video guitar site cms or dreamweaver

I’ve downloaded and recently been using dreamweaver for two weeks. I am not a web designer I will be a guitarist. I am creating an instruction guitar website that may have loads of videos. Short concerning 10 and 60 seconds. I want your website to be easy to navigate and also simple. I shouldn’t have the resources to hire anyone and will probably be updating it biweekly or even monthly. Because of my not enough knowledge and the many choices joomla wordpress etc I would like to put the limited resources from the right direction, so I do not need to do anything over again. I have yet another week of your trial version involving dreamweaver before I would like to purchase. I’m making progress inside dreamweaver and discover the process of mastering the css pleasant. Thank you for virtually any input regarding the delemma.

I might stick with Dreamweaver (pay the retail price for it)… but look on Ebay just to save $$

Subsequently, for videos, I might use YouTube. Posting them on Youtube, and also use
of which as your movie library… linked from a website. That offers your website
entry to them, but also anyone who transpires with find them in YouTube, can
get back to your website.

You must search YouTube and see how many guitar lesson vids you will discover,
and how yours might compare in top quality and popularity. You should be surprised
to discover just how many you will find.

This is by far my personal favorite guitar " lesson". Not really a lesson, but it’s fun to take:
http: //www. myspace. com/watchv=m8geCFUwOko

Lessons from Angus… pretty interesting!

I trust mlseim. One thing that may also do just fine is Konductor (http: //www. konductor. net) it in concert with native Dreamweaver templates allowing for easier updates towards site once inbuilt Dreamweaver. I think it works with CS3 & FOUR. Good luck!

Very little experience with Konductor, but have heard many good things.

Thanks much for the good data. I really treasure your input.

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