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Concerning been asked to utilize Java Applets, java or flash to generate the site extra appealing to readers. I have by now edited a java applet related to checkers, as the images really are a transistor and some sort of processor, I also have used alerts, as being a different way about informing the uiser when they have won or lost the overall game.

I have added it towards the end of my chaptor, but a few pointer also add it as a games link about the homepage.

Translation: We haven’t the faintest notion of what interests the consumer to make common writing — like they used in New York Periods best sellers along with gripping news memories — appealing into the user…. so crank available the gimmicks.

Will not replay the 90s, study what didn’t do the job. And, barring the adventure site, games are hardly ever what works to generate a site attractive. (Sticky was your old term they used 10 years ago with games which hadn’t one move to make with the reason for the site).

As a final point, were games that create nothing related to anything effective, checkers wouldn’t for this.

Because, nineteen times out of twenty, the activity shouldn’t exist… will not add the link.

Show us your website.
Maybe we’ve found some good tips.

Its just half completed. I dont own any hosting site correctly,
It’s a refference site to get silver surfers among others to read upwards about factors guiding the trends, WHEN I. E why technological innovation, computers, music and video clip are changing all time and what is behind it.
I seen the checkers upon me pc screen but it looked awfull, as once i checked it about th elaptop it absolutely was fine. I think I reduce that one
I’d thought about test ; however , many people may be put off by test.
WHEN I don’; t really want flashing graphics or perhaps moving cursor tails, as I need it to be accessable for some users, especially silver precious metal suefers.

WHEN I assume " gold surfers" means elderly citizens

A great site is focused on content.

Most our seniors using browsers have got trouble with
so many links, font very small, and not really knowing what
to do one.

Putting more " mouse" stuff may be the worst thing you could potentially do.

Lead them…
Make clear in simple, large fonts, what to do on your webpage, and how
to read the articles you will end up providing. Provide quite a few Flash videos
and MP3 music from other generation, as types of viewing music
THEY like using modern technology.

Use your site to signify them how to locate information that is vital to them.

Keep in mind that most of your users will be wiser than a person.
Not considering the technology, but anything else in life.

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