Internet Explorer Compatibility Thoughts and "Fixed:Position" methods


I lately finished my webdesign internet site. Looked beautiful inside Firefox. Then WE viewed it with IE5. It viewed bad, but I figured it’s a vintage browser and not worth plenty of time fixing. Then WE viewed it with IE8… and looked about similar to IE5!!!!! I just simply spent about A FEW hours trying fix 3 things (including " place: fixed", which I will talk more about).

You may think " definitely, if IE is a really *! #$, I’ll skip making the site IE-compatible! " Good, no can accomplish, chief. All webdesigners must account for IE, because about 30% of web users use IE.

According to Wikipedia, as with Feb 2012:
IE : 29. 05%
Chrome : 23. 22%
Firefox : 21. 76%
Safari : 13. 49%
Opera : 5. 2%

Furthermore, reported by this article within the prevalence of IE6, completely, 20% of clients were still implementing IE6. Webdesigners usually spend 20-50% of their total project time working out IE compatibility. So, if you’re serious about webdesign, you’d better get acquainted with IE-specific issues, maintenance tasks, hacks, whatever. I might suggest bookmarking this function-browser match ups site, " Can one Use"


A Breakdown of IE versions

I don’t know much about IE, because I use Firefox at all times, but here’s my personal view (correct me if I’m wrong):

IE 5 – Crap
IE 6TH – Crap, but enough people put it to use so you’ll want to account for it
IE SEVERAL – A half-golden trend of IE: made leaps with regard to CSS compatibility, nonetheless has QUIRKS mode
IE 8 – Same as above, and continue to has QUIRKS mode
IE 9 – Officially definitely not crap anymore

Starting by using IE 7, there were 2 modes: " quirks" method and " strict" method.

Quirks mode is used to view internet pages in old-school guidelines, since old web pages viewed under brand new rules might freak out. Strict mode will be viewing webpages throughout modern rules (basically, just how Firefox is). To be honest, IE 7, 6 will default to be able to quirks mode! By way of example, although IE EIGHT knows " place: fixed, " it will eventually not show for the reason that quirks mode would not recognize it!!! So, you put a special code!


If you’re only starting out like me, you will be glad you read this part,
because you will discover countless articles online, none who have a complete
answer to using position: preset in old IE.

For IE 5, 6 you will get a fixed location! Not naturally, nonetheless through
creative work-arounds within CSS. This involves setting one’s body to 100%, placing a
container to position: relative and having your predetermined div to situation: absolute.

Here are THREE different explanations available for you:
http: //www. andya. org. uk/fixedmenu. html
http: //ryanfait. com/position-fixed-ie6/
http: //www. cssplay. company. uk/layouts/fixed. html

In order for any above methods to be effective, you cannot have a " floating body",
that is actually, a container which is centered on the actual screen. All THREE OR MORE sites have their
content left-aligned. Also, keep in head all three techniques have individual
shortcomings. See their sites to get more info.

It’s plenty of code, but the idea works. I think in this you cannot have a floating
body also — I tried it but it really didn’t work.

http: //www. jtricks. com/javascript/navigation/fixed_menu. html

As mentioned above, IE 7, 6 defaults to quirks style. So, put this within your document before < html>
and your page shall be in strict mode:

<! DOCTYPE html page PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD XHTML ONE PARTICULAR. 0 Transitional//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional. dtd" >

POST honestly hate coding to get IE. headaches after headaches. Safari makes everything so much better. But a consumer doesn’t recognize that. I wish Ms would stop getting IE as default browser precisely as it is well. Crap.

Youd be amazed at what number of people just claim… Ie sucks and so I’m not gonna code for it…

Or maybe worse yet…

They put something of their code that conveys to users

" for any better experience for this site, install chrome, safari, firefox… For example "…

Truly, as I explained to someone who while that question the other day…

What that basically says ( at the very least in my planet )… Is " I’m too lazy to figure out how to make this websit

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