Invaluable Tutorial – Using Unordered lists

Without doubt guys, I just desired to share something on you, that this discussion board shared with me personally!
When creating this death note website I asked about an effective way to layout wallpaper galleries plus someone replied with " unordered provides and list items". OH YEA MAN!… This opened in club penguin a whole ” new world “.

Should you dont already recognize, a lot associated with menus are executed using < ul>, as well as tiling images hand and hand. Anyways, Ive answered this question on this subject forum several times as well, so I simply wanted to post this tutorial capability to deliver watching.

< ul> will be my favorite licence plate.

Wallpaper Gallery Tutorial

P. S I linked back to WDF in the post, and if you were the one that suggested I utilize this technique for our alldeathnote. com wallpaper gallery, i highly recommend you post here with
the link and point text, and i am going to provide a ONE PARTICULAR way link returning to your site.

A person helped me recognize how powerful that < ul> tag is, its not for beginner products like
< ul>
< li> Apples< /li>
< li> Bananas< /li>
< /ul>

Internet marketing sure weve just about all seen that!

it gets better still. IE8 and instant messaging sure future versions support: hover in CSS for anyone html tags so a structure such as the following are available for a absolute CSS dropdown.

< ul id=" ulsuper" >
< li class=" lisuper" > < p> Listing 1< /p>
< ul class=" ulmain" >
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< /ul>
< /li>
< li class=" lisuper" > < p> Listing 2< /p>
< ul class=" ulmain" >
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< li class=" limain> blank< /li>
< /ul>
< /li>
< /ul>


#ulsuper ul location: absolute;
#ulsuper. lisuper screen: inline; float: left;
#ulsuper. ulmain diplay: nothing;
#ulsuper. lisuper: are positioned. ulmain diplay: hinder; overflow: hidden;

ooooo, i have to look into the following.

the tutorial was a strong image layout, i wasnt focusing on menu techniques.
In addition, i think: are positioned is supported at most tags around IE7+ and FF3+
I am aware ie6 only facilitates hover on < a> tags.

Does anyone employ a tag list connected with IE7/FF of tags that seek advise from hover/focus pseudos

http: //www. quirksmode. org/css/contents. html scroll into: hover

http: //msdn. microsoft. com/en-us/library/ms530766. aspx
The order of pseudo-classes is important. For example, the style guideline for must manifest after any guideline or any rule to avoid the pseudo-classes from hiding both.
Home windows Internet Explorer 8 and later, inside standards-compliant mode (strict! DOCTYPE), may apply the pseudo-class to help any element, not alone links. If the pseudo-class is just not applied specifically to a component in the selector, like the A tag, the Universal (*) Selector is usually assumed. Indiscriminate use of the pseudo-class can in a negative way impact page operation. " ok well should you call that working

I located it!

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpp=226492#post226492

OF COURSE, shadowfiend i appreciate you
You earn a huge difference in the manner I design.

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